Harness the power of innovation with no-code

Smarter, faster and cheaper way to automate operations and build new digital products without writing a single line of code

Have an awesome idea or a problem worth solving?
Katalyo team will help you convert idea to product. The best ideas will receive free support to build and operate your application
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You have an awesome idea or a problem worth solving?
Katalyo has all the tools and resources to make your idea a reality. Not only is it free but you can earn rewards for building with Katalyo!
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Any size, any industry

It's time to put your business in the driving seat

With Katalyo you are getting the right set of tools and resources to innovate continuously while keeping cost at bay.

Workflow automation

Automate work where work is done

Security by design

Built-in enterprise grade security features

Unparalleled flexibility

Fine tune functionality to completely fit to what your business needs

One platform

Consolidate isolated tools into a common platform with a unified usability


Enhance back-office operations or customer facing products with Blockchain features like data and document immutability or asset tokenisation

Effective innovation

Deploy daily to maintain competitive edge and keep cost at bay

Startups & Small Businesses
No code for Startups & Small Businesses - idea development

Katalyo can help you build your technology around your business

Are you letting great ideas go to waste? With Katalyo you'll get all the resources you need to make your idea a reality.

Build your MVP* in a matter of days for a fraction of the cost. We're always on the lookout for awesome ideas and problems worth solving.
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Katalyo Enterprise features

Katalyo comes with a set of enterprise features that will help you innovate at scale


Seamless integration of existing legacy systems with native REST API, file API, legacy DB connection,...

Build extended enterprise

Extend the boundaries of your enterprise. Share, collaborate and innovate together with your partners and customers across the value chain

End-to-end no-code development ecosystem

Automated devops and version control will give you full control of your no-code ecosystem

Interested to learn how no-code will make your organisation an innovation machine?
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GO trustless, GO decentralized, tokenize the world!

Looking to deploy blockchain powered solutions and get ahead of the competition?

We got you covered! You're getting the same no-code tools and resources to take your company into a trustless and decentralized future! Katalyo is going all in on Web3. No-code makes Web3 accessible to everyone. Don't just use it, build your own Web3 solutions!
Learn about Katalyo Web3!
Blockchain tokenization
How it works

To get the job done all you need is the right set of resources

Every Katalyo application is a collection of building blocks called resources (datasets, tasks, notifications, integrations,tokens,...). To build applications with Katalyo you just need to...

Create resources from scratch or from template by drag & dropping your data and build a form in a single step
Mix and combine resources to build secure and dynamic workflows using visual events and dependency framework that get the job done every time

Test your app and when satisfied publish to production in one click

Missing functionality? Not a problem! With Katalyo's plug and play architecture you can extended capabilities of the platform with your own code without limitations. We're looking for devs interested in joining us on our mission to make everyone a builder of (d)apps. Contribute and earn Katalyo tokens.
Use cases

Building without limits

We've joined forces with our early adopters and partners to bring a vast range of ideas to life.

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Service desk tool

  • Trustless proof of process
  • Covers incidents, request fulfillment, change requests
  • Stores data on the blockchain, manages all agreements

GDPR solution

  • Manages data processing and privacy rights
  • Enables workflows for GDPR-related requests

Real estate tokenization

  • Crowdfunding support
  • KYC/AML built-in
  • Automated dividends
  • Portfolio info & reporting

Document verification tool

  • Upload docs from legacy systems via API
  • Document hashing and storing on blockchain
  • Upload and hash verification

Legal case management

  • Managing cases for non-performing loans
  • Legal cases lifecycle management
  • Collaboration platform

Call center/Delivery management

  • Receiving and capturing calls
  • Distribution of requests to local organizations
  • Monitoring of humanitarian aid delivery process
  • Aid delivery management
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