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Smarter, faster and cheaper way to automate operations, build new digital products and extend the boundaries of your enterprise without writing a single line of code
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With Katalyo your idea becomes a reality!
We're always on the lookout for awesome ideas and problems worth solving. Join us and lets build the future together!
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Katalyo no-code engine
What You See Is What You Get is one of the main principles of building applications with Katalyo.See instantly the look and feel of your applications.
Just in time
Continuous innovation
Don't let technology stand in the way of your business and innovate on a daily basis.Introduce changes and new features at the speed of MHz. xxx
Build trust with data immutability
Store or anchor data on the blockchain to make sure no one has tampered with it. Ensure data immutability without a shadow of a doubt.
Integration & API
Katalyo comes with a REST API out-of-the-box. All features built on Katalyo platform automagically have an API endpoint to be integrated with external systems.
Automated DevOps
Automated DevOps & version control
DevOps with Katalyo is a breeze! You always know what version of the system you're operating, including in-built version control for platform building blocks. The platform comes with an out-of-the-box test environment, with one-click production deployment!
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Web standards and Open source

We firmly believe in sharing knowledge and that is why we're building our platform on open web standards and open source techonology stack.
Katalyo stands on the shoulders of giants including Javascript, Python and PostgreSQL but we're also embracing the future with Web Components and WebAssembly.

Meet the founding team

As in every startup we all wear many hats and do whatever is required from our venture but we do try to split the work to make it as efficient as possible

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