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Welcome to Katalyo!
Katalyo is an open-source, decentralised, community-driven zero-code (aka low-code) platform powered by the EOS blockchain.
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Token, community and a marketplace
Katalyo token created on the EOS blockchain is a force that will drive the community Katalyo aims to build. When you join you get access to the zero-code platform like no other empowering people to create applications without writing a single line of code. If you create something great that other members want to use you should get rewarded and with Katalyo you absolutely do get rewarded in the form of Katalyo token. Rewards are coming in as long as the application is being used by other organisations or individuals. If you just want to use aplications built by other members of the community you can do just that. Whether you're a Creator or a Consumer your journey with Katalyo has 3 simple steps and it starts with signing up.
1. Sign up
1. Sign up
2. Create applications
2. Find applications
3. Earn rewards!
3. Start working!
As the community grows the consumers will have access to a plethora of applications for many different needs. The real strenght of the zero-code platform like Katalyo is shown when the existing functionality is not fitting perfectly. Changes can be introduced at 10x when compared to traditional programming and if the original Creator is not available to help services can be requested from other Creators in the community. But when Consumers see how easy it is to build features in Katalyo they will soon become Creators themselves.
Creators of the apps are equipped with an easy to use visual tools that empowers them to create applications without writing a single line of code. With simple yet powerful zero-code engine building apps is a breeze. At this stage Katalyo is best suited for creating applications that require data capture and workflow capabilities including collaboration and notification capabilities. On top of that Katalyo enables creation of tokens and immutable datasets securely stored on the EOS blockchain.
Creators and consumers will meet in the marketplace that is established by seemingly integrating Katalyo token into the platform. Value is exchanged auto-magically without any additional effort from any participant in the marketplace. As adoption of the platform grows the marketplace will provide limitless opportunities for both creators and consumers.
Why Katalyo zero-code engine ?
What You See Is What You Get is one of the main principles of creating applications in Katalyo
It is of critical importance to provide instant feedback when building application features. Katalyo is using What You See Is What You Get approach whrever and whenever that is possible and the most efficient way to build certain functionality. With this approach you immediatelly know how will some functionality will behave and not find out later that particular checkbox completelly changes the way designed feature works.
Just in time
Just in time
In todays volatile environment the technology must be an enabler and not the bottleneck. With it's JIT (Just In Time) capabilities you can change the way the system works while you're working. In matter of minutes functionality can be adjusted to fully fits the needs and prevent issues later due to missing or poor quality of the captured data.
Automated DEVOPS
Automated devops & version control
Devops with Katalyo is a breeze. You always know what version of the system you're operating including in-built version control for platform building blocks like resources or forms. The plaform comes with a out-of-the-box test environment with one-click migration from test to production environment.
Data immutability
Trust in business is important however building trust takes time and effort. With it's data immutability features Katalyo creates trust beetwen two parties where trust doesn't exist. Data can be stored or anchored on the blockchain to make sure that noone has tampered with the data and to be able to track the changes without a shred of a doubt. To accomplish this Katalyo integrates with EOS the most powerful blockchain infrastructure for building decentralised applications.
With it's low-code capabilities Katalyo empowers individuals and organisations to create custom gamification features that will best suit their needs but with the Katalyo token gamification is taken to a whole new level where you can reward people with real and tangible value which with adoption will only increase in value.

Meet the founding team

As in every startup we all wear many hats and do whatever is required from our venture but we do try to split the work to make it as efficient as possible

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Open source

We firmly believe in sharing knowledge and that is why we're building our platform on open source techonology stack.
Angular JS, Django Rest Framework, PostgreSQL. Naturally our platform will be fully open source so that everyone can get involved and participate in digital revolution that Katalyo plans to be a huge part of.
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